Geoscience & Civil Engineering

EGC provides  cost-effective civil engineering and Geoscience services to our clients which enable us to take projects from conception through to operations. These services include feasibility studies, regulatory approvals and support, design and engineering of earthworks engineering and design, project management, specifications, construction support and reporting.

Our Geoscience services deliverables include:

  • Geohazard Assessment
  • Groundwater Resource Evaluation
  • Geological Site Investigation, mapping and site characterization
  • Resources Investigations and Estimation including Granular Resource Licencing and Fieldwork
  • Drill Program Management, Coordination and Monitoring
  • Geological logging of drill cuttings and core samples
  • Hydrogeological Drilling supervision
  • Interpretation of borehole geophysics to delineate aquifers
  • Hydraulic pumping tests (long term and short term)
  • Aquifer evaluation and interpretation of test data
  • Ground water flow evaluation
  • Design of sampling and monitoring networks

Typical civil engineering project deliverables include:

  • Earthworks design
  • Grading design
  • Site Drainage design
  • Material volume and construction cost estimates
  • Tender preparation
  • Contract administration
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality control / Quality assurance inspections


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